Need a landscaping company but don't live in our area?

Landscapers, Landscaping companies that we like in other areas.

North Carolina

Charlotte Metro area - Charlotte, NC has AA Tex. We don't think anything makes a home better than beautiful green grass. Turf Management is the term landscapers use to describe what they do to provide you with that beautiful green grass. AA Tex provides:

  • Aeration and Reseeding
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • PH Adjustment/Soil Testing
  • Disease and Pest Control
  • Mowing Services
  • Weekly Landscape Inspection


Baton Rouge- Corporate Green is THE landscape management firm you want in LA. Welcome to Corporate Green Landscape Services. Corporate Green designs, installs and cares for the beautiful landscapes you admire so much. Whether you’re just needing to redo a few beds or design an installation for new construction. Whatever your situation, our team of landscaping professionals are here to help you! We offer Landscape Design and Installation, Landscape Maintenance and Lighting. Turf, Sod, Chemical and Weed Control services, plus many more.


North Attleboro - Distinctive Landscaping, Inc. a North Attleboro Lawn Care Provider   offers great lawn mowing teams that will manicure your lawn. They utilize good cultural practices and leave a nice clean appearance to your lawn. The owner, Jason, is a native of the area and is an expert highly knowledgeable in what works in the South Shore area. For example: They mow high to reduce weeds and to increase root development. Distinctive makes frequent visits, minimizing the amount of grass blade surface being removed. (less than 1/3rd is recommended). They leave the clippings a few times during the season contributing to soil health. Distinctive employs certified professionals by the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, Certified Snow Professional by the Snow and Ice Management Association, Accredited Organic Land Care Provider by the Northeast Organic Farming Association. Active on the Board of Directors for a Community Organic Farm in South Natick, MA. and a committee chair on the Membership Committee for the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals.


Dallas - Frisco - Plano - If you are in the Plano or Frisco area near Dallas Texas, you should contact Rich, the owner of Backyard Creations. This is a full service landscape company. One of their many specialties is to build a wonderful patio cover to match your existing shingled roof or arbors and pergolas, let them build your shade structure to beat the Texas heat!

South Carolina

Greenville - Spartanburg - Simpsonville - Blue Dot Landscaping builds beautiful Koi ponds/Garden ponds and other water features in Greenville and Spartanburg counties in South Carolina. Greenville, Spartanburg and Simpsonville is their main trade area. They have built over 100 water features and every one is different. Their favorite is a waterfall with a meandering stream that leads to a garden pond that includes aquatic plants and koi.


Portland - Portland Landscaping - JP Stone Contractors
JP Stone Contractors Inc. is licensed, bonded, and insured to work in Oregon and Washington. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We serve residential, commercial, and institutional customers and help them meet their objectives regarding landscaping and most other exterior improvements. We often start with the customer’s concerns and help them develop plans or use plans that they have already developed to make improvements at their premises. Our experience and multiple supervisory levels insure that every aspect of the design is being completed correctly. We maintain constant contact with our customer or their representative to guarantee satisfactory results.


Dayton – Miami Valley and surrounding areas - In Dayton, OH and surrounding areas we like Wise Landscaping. They perform many Landscape services including :

  • Retaining Walls
  • Stone/block Patios
  • Seasonal Displays
  • Seed/Sod Installation
  • Landscape Design and Installation


St. Louis - Another of our favorite landscaping companies, in St. Louis, MO. is Landscape Concepts owned by Pat Ross. Her right hand man is production manager Jon Lanaghan. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture and 25 years experience in the industry. Jon brings the construction element of the landscaping or hardscaping project together. He coordinates the implementation and scheduling of labor, equipment, and materials that are needed to bring the project to completion.


Nashville and surrounding areas - Peachtree, Inc. is the premier landscaping company in Nashville. One of the many services they offer - Mulch - is also the most popular. Whether you need new beds made with new mulch or just mulch redressing, Peachtree can help. The Landscape professionals at Peach Tree Landscaping have training and experience with applications of mulch products to the particular soils in the middle Tennessee region. We mulch, re-mulch and maintain landscape beds in residential and business properties in cities large or small, including Nashville, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Brentwood and Clarksville. They know which mulch materials will work best in different areas and around various plantings. Our crews do regular mulch maintenance and renewal several times yearly for satisfied customers.

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