patios and pavers


When installing a drip or sprinkler system in the desert, there are many important things to consider.  We always use high quality commercial grade parts and only use the most up to date water efficient techniques and materials. Our irrigation systems are going to as long as possible and provide the most efficient method of watering available.


Low voltage lighting is a very important part of any landscape.  Lighting provided the homeowner with the ability to enjoy their landscape at night from inside or outside the home.  There is something about that shadow from the trees and plants that really creates a vibe after dark.  We use only the best lighting. Commercial grade and made to withstand the elements (even feet and cars!) Our design philosophy is to create a mood and an ability to feel the landscape areas without over lighting them.  We don't want to see every nook and cranny, we simply want to feel the space of the landscape.

Patios and Pavers

All patios are not created equally.  We have all the skills, experience, talent, and machinery to create quality, lifetime patios.  It' starts with the preparation.  We always establish the proper grade and create a base that will be sure to keep the patio exactly as it was designed for many years to come.  Our paver work has become very popular and we can provide this service at a very competitive price but still retain that personal hand made finish.


From retaining walls decorative walls, built in barbeques to fire pits, stone work to stucco, we can provide plenty of choices for your landscape.  Our workmanship always meets all construction requirements and we often tend to surpass these requirements.  Our masonry work is designed to be creative and aesthetically appealing, while also being able to withstand the test of time and weather, etc.